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Introduction -Welcome to Logstorage-

Integrated Log Management

If you have a number of devices and applications on your network, all generating logs in various different formats, how can you manage them effectively? For example:

  • Can you store them all in one centralized location?
  • Can you search through thousands of log files to retrieve the data you need?
  • Can you discover quickly when an appliance fault or unauthorized access occurs?
  • Can you ensure that logs are secure and safe from tampering or other unauthorized access?
  • Can you be confident that your log management procedures are compliant with auditing and data protection regulations?

Logstorage, the integrated log management system from Infoscience Corporation, can take care of all of this for you, and more!

Logstorage collects textual logs from all of your devices and applications, no matter what the format, stores them in one centralized location and analyses their content (using patented technology). Using the simple but powerful user interface, you can then manage your logs right from your browser!


  • Powerful search tool. Easily pinpoint exactly the data you're looking for.
  • Real-time alerts. Discover a system fault or a security breach as soon as it occurs.
  • Statistics. View statistical information about your logs as tables or graphs.
  • Reports. Generate reports in PDF, HTML, CSV, XML and other formats.

For more details, please check the features page.

Enterprise features

  • Security. Encrypt your logs, without sacrificing the ability to search them easily. Add anti-tampering protection to log data.
  • Scalability. Run multiple Logstorage servers, utilizing distributed processing and redundancy.
  • Compliance. Logstorage can help your business to comply with relevant data protection, data preservation and auditing regulations.
  • LDAP/Active Directory integration. Link Logstorage to your company LDAP server, allowing users to login with their LDAP credentials.

For more details on enterprise-level features, please check the product editions and licensing page.

Log Collection

Logstorage supports a variety of log collection methods:

  • Industry standard syslog and syslog-ng network protocols
  • Real-time log file watches (as log files change, the new logs are automatically collected by Logstorage)
  • FTP collection
  • Logstorage Agent - sends logs in realtime from client machines
  • Logstorage EventLogCollector (ELC) - remotely collects Windows event logs from client machines
  • Logstorage SecureBatchTransfer (SBT) - periodically sends logs from remote servers using secure FTPS protocol
  • SNMP traps

The Logstorage Agent software is installed on log host machines. It collects log files locally and sends them to Logstorage, allowing simple collection of OS event logs, etc. Logstorage Agent is available in both Java and .NET versions.

No matter what format your log files may be, support for user-defined log conversion scripts means that virtually any log can be collected by Logstorage.

Log Storage

Logstorage stores log data in a custom-built database called LogDS.

  • Designed specifically for high-performance storage and searching of log data
  • Stores data in highly compressed form (as small as 10% of original, depending on log data)

Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Logstorage is a software-only solution, so it doesn't come bundled with any expensive hardware appliances. It can run on any standard Windows, Linux or Solaris server, so it provides substantial savings over hardware-based solutions.